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WORK IN PROGRESS - No One Likes Us, But We Don't Care!

2023 - 24

The focus of this project is the migrant population of South Bermondsey and how much Bermondsey has changed in the last decade. The influence migrants have had on Bermondsey is obvious from fast food, doctors, cabs, barbers, world foods to the Irish migrants that built the Rotherhithe tunnel.


I am interested in the current population and how a historical dock town was always going to evolve into a multicultural hub. We call this home, but in a town which has a racially charged history how are we making this place homely? The project title was taken from Millwall’s motto which they take pride in. Millwall football grounds is now based in South Bermondsey after a relocation in 1993 from the Isle of Dogs. This was the same year Millwall constituency voted BNP and won a seat due to locals believing preferential treatment of Bangladeshi families in social housing. This sentiment echo’s through Bermondsey but I feel we have a much more inclusive area and I want to showcase that. Speaking with one of my neighbours who has lived here longer than myself, have recalled the abuse suffered at the hands of locals from racist language to being spat on. I’ve lived here for 8 years, with my Scottish husband and children; and have had a mostly positive experience.


I want to speak with and photograph migrants and their families in their home/ work environment with a visible object/ flag/ national dress or something that reflects their migration or native origin. This will celebrate and showcase the multicultural and inclusive nature of our town.

The Power of 3


The power of 3 is a triptych of self portraits representing my interpretation of the triple godess.




Hope Road started as My Final Major Project for my Photography BA. The project included Portraits of my mother and all of her children and nearly 30 grandchildren and great grandchildren. Using the Jamaica 'Bandana' fabric which itself has an interesting background.

And will include travelling back to Jamaica, to photograph other traces of colonialisation within the landscape. 

Hope road is a journey of discovery. Growing up in a tight family unit of strong females; the weight of which never occurred to me until I became a mother.
Exchanges amongst siblings prove to be the most valuable tools.
Through a series of informal interviews and photo shoots with family members, I felt like we got to know each other a little better. I will continue this Project in the future, with assistance from Mead Final Project awards.




If I died what would i leave for my kids? What would be the mark I make with my time here on earth?

What would be my Legacy?

Mixed media Sculpture and digital photography and 3d Printing.



This series was created in response to a brief about identity, and how we are all individuals. using family members belongings, I was able to create these strong connected characters.

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